Hovin BV is an innovative industrial supplier of fitting and components made of metal and plastic.

Our know how in wide range of the manufacturing techniques and our extensive experience result in functional and smart solutions. If the solution you are looking for does not exist, then we can help you to develop these and manufacture it for you. Beside these customized products, we can supply over thousands different the most commonly used fitting and componnents.

Available production techniques are  :

– Progressive stamping
– Sheet forming
– Wire bending
– CNC turning and milling
– Zinc alloy die casting
– Lost wax casting
– Aluminium injection moulding
– Aluminium profile extrusion
– Plastic injection moulding
– Welding
– Surface grinding and polishing
– Electroplating
– Anodizing
– Powder coating
– Manual or full automatic assembling

We also offer value added services to your products. One of those activities is offering warehousing. Products can be kept for temporary storage in our warehouse and ship out when you need it. In addition to storage and handling we take care of all the value added services for your product. In fact, we can manage your logistics and provide all the semi-industrial services that you need. So you can concentrate on your core business: manufacturing of your product. You benefit from having all these products and services under one roof, with a single partner to deal with your Supply Chain.